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In 1914, William Bridgman, former mayor of Sunnyside, Washington, began planting table grapes on Harrison Hill, land located within Sunnyside’s city limits. He quickly transitioned from producing table grapes to planting wine grapes in 1917 during the early onset of prohibition in Washington State, as there was a huge demand for wine. Bridgman began planting more and more wine grapes and before long he was netting a larger profit than his neighbors. By 1935, Bridgman maintained more than 165 acres of wine grapes in a vineyard he called Upland.



After the closure of Upland in 1972 due to financial strain on the original owner, the Newhouse family purchased the vineyard property and has since farmed it for four generations. Keeping the Upland name to preserve the history of the vineyard, today, the Newhouse family produces orchard fruits like cherries and apricots, as well as 400 acres of wine grapes, all across Harrison Hill.